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CS CLEAN SYSTEMS announces new PIRANHA PCS2000 plasma device for Abatement of PFC Gases

Ismaning, April 08

The World Semiconductor Council and affiliated organisations in the USA, Japan, Korea, EU and Taiwan have committed themselves to a 10 % reduction below respective baseline levels of global warming perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) by the year 2010.

CS CLEAN SYSTEMS AG is pleased to announce first customer-site installations of its new PIRANHA PCS2000 PFC abatement system. The 2000W microwave device will be a major help to wafer manufacturing fabs in meeting their PFC reduction targets.

PCS PIRANHA foreline plasma conversion systems are high performance plasma sources developed to destroy perfluorinated compounds like CF4, CHF3, SF6 and NF3 that are emitted from semiconductor plasma Etch and related processes. PFC flows are decomposed in the vacuum foreline, before they are mixed with the pump’s nitrogen supply. This ensures maximum conversion efficiency with minimum energy wastage. There is no combustion of additional fuels or generation of secondary nitrogen oxides (NOx). Moreover, the PIRANHA is interlocked to the process so that the system is only switched on when PFC gases are active. This amounts to considerable CoO benefits, energy-saving, and greatly reduced secondary CO2 emissions.